If you’re reading this, you probably already have a great idea for webinar, congratulations! The hardest part is over.  You’re now probably filled with an overwhelming dread that your webinar will fail in every way possible.  Whether it’s taken you a few failed webinars to get here, or if this is your first time and you’re in pre-first-webinar panic mode, do not fear. We have 10 top tips to ensure your webinar will be a success.

This blog will be in two parts. The first – 5 simple tips for webinar success; and the second –  5 webinar don’ts that you might be guilty of.  Without further ado, here are 5 ways to improve your webinar marketing…

 5 simple tips for webinar success



Identify 3 things someone will learn from watching the webinar. If you can’t do this then you need to reassess your content. Knowing the value of your webinar will enable you to promote and present it successfully.


Promote the webinar. There’s no use creating an incredible webinar if no one knows it’s taking place. ON24 benchmark data shows you can increase your registration by 36% by promoting it more than seven days in advance. Promote your webinar with tweets and through blog posts.   You could consider creating a brief video trailer of your webinar that can be embedded in your blog or shared on YouTube. When sharing your webinar, make sure to use track-able links for each channel. This way you can identify which methods of promotion are the most successful for your campaign.


Keep it structured. People recall structured information 40% better (Citrix). 40You could utilise the problem-solution-benefit structure; describe a problem that affects your target audience, a solution to this problem, and the benefits of the solution you’ve suggested.


Think of ways to connect with your audience so that they will remain engaged throughout your presentation; a presenter’s greatest fear is bored listeners. Analogies are a great way to connect with your audience. Likening a new concept with something they’re already familiar keeps them involved, whilst a funny comparison will break up the presentation.


Learn from your webinar. When it’s over, you will be granted with a wealth of statistics offering insight on how well received your webinar was. Use this information to influence your next project. 63How many of the attendees are in your target demographic? How attentive were they? What was their reason for attending? Were they satisfied with the information you provided?


Don’t miss the Second Part of this blog, which will identify the 5 most common errors when running a webinar campaign.



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