The popularity of B2B social marketing is spreading like wildfire within the world of B2B marketing, and for good reason, as this previously underused platform is now reaping the rewards of high lead generation rates and improved brand awareness.

Social marketing should be a component of any B2B marketing campaign. But what is the best way to harness the power of B2B social marketing to provide measureable results? Let’s go through the basics now.

Build a solid infrastructure

For effective lead generation, it is vital to build a solid social marketing infrastructure. Marketers need to clearly identify target audiences and push relevant content to these demographics.

It is crucial to plan out a content framework  in advance to categorise content into premium, freemium, or supporting content. For example, premium content contains exclusive guides, tips and expert commentary that a user usually subscribes to or, in some cases, pays for, whereas freemium content is often generated from this premium content in the form of blogs, videos or webinars to drive traffic to the website. Finally, your supporting content promotes your other content through tweets, LinkedIn posts and the like.

Once the content has been categorised, the lead journey must be understood to provide the best user experience in order to maximise conversion from social channels. This is usually achieved through wireframes to understand and optimise landing pages, sign-up forms, and thank you pages of the sign-up process, and make the conversion process as smooth as possible.

Which channels should you choose

There are so many social media channels available, but in our experience, there is one standout winner in the B2B social media marketing race.

Untitled 2 As you might expect, LinkedIn reigns supreme over the pack and, based on research from social media management software company Oktopost, it was found that 80 per cent of all leads generated by B2B marketing campaigns came from LinkedIn, with 13 per cent from Twitter, and only seven per cent from Facebook.

Interestingly, the research also found that most LinkedIn conversions from B2B marketing occurred just after lunch at around 2pm, and came from the platform’s discussion groups.


So how can you optimise your LinkedIn marketing campaigns to boost conversion? Again, Oktopost’s research threw up some interesting findings, as it was discovered that one third of all conversions within LinkedIn had a question mark within the discussion post.

LinkedIn content also needs to provide users with some value, not just self-promotional content, to avoid moderation. This, additionally, builds trust so that a brand is perceived as reputable, and hence remains at the forefront of a customer’s mind when they do come to make a purchase.

Twitter also has some good benefits for B2B lead generation due to the open nature of its platform. The secret to B2B marketing success within the Twitter-sphere is to tweet regularly, around five to 10 times a day, and through the effective use of hashtags and lists.

Improved analytics, better leads

It is vital for marketers to understand where and when conversions happen within the B2B social media landscape through careful analysis of which campaign, channel, LinkedIn group, profile or post generated a lead.

Untitled 4

This ability to drill down and capture detailed lead information allows for better optimised marketing campaigns. For example, marketing automation platforms allow marketers to nurture leads, analyse their value, and prioritise accordingly to produce a richer set of leads with the highest chance of conversion.

If B2B social marketing is part of your of plans to help generate leads and increase brand awareness, talk to our team. We can help you build a great strategy to kick of your campaigns.

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