Automation offers companies the opportunity to supercharge their marketing, but many worry that it’s just another marketing expense. Knowing whether marketing automation is worth the investment for your company is an important consideration. While each company may differ, in almost every case, marketing automation offers a way to increase closed business and reduce sales cycles.

1. Increased revenue

The value of any change comes in what it does to the bottom line. In the case of marketing automation, research by the Annuitas Group has shown that it can increase revenue by up to 77%. This happens because marketing automation helps a company see what is – and what isn’t – working across their marketing and sales funnel.
The fact that marketing automation; a) provides leads and customers with information they want, how they want it and when they need it, and b) automates previously manual tasks, means that you are increasing interest in your offering with less time and effort in the long run.

2. Better reporting

Another value of marketing automation is that it offers better reporting than other marketing techniques. With all of your communications working together, you can have a clearer way to see what is leading to success. Real-time reporting allows you to make quick changes, addressing successes and problems faster and easier.

Marketing automation allows you to focus on what works, and therefore adjust campaigns accordingly. While these adjustments can boost sales, they also mean that your spend is cut out for tactics that aren’t leading to conversions and sales, helping you with that ever-important term, ROI. It allows you to see the overall effectiveness of your campaigns, as well as the individual elements of them. By creating dynamic profiles of leads, it also gives you the ability to see who is responding to your marketing. This, in turn, keeps you ready to improve weaknesses and get the most from your strengths.

3. Sales and marketing, together

Marketing automation also eases the relationship between sales and marketing. While research has shown that around half of all marketing leads are ignored by sales, automated marketing can deliver leads that are further along the sales funnel, meaning that sales won’t think they’re wasting their time sifting through the mass of data marketing traditionally sent across. It also offers a way for the two departments to work together, seamlessly and with transparency, meaning that lead processing is smoother. Of course, if it is smooth for you, it is smoother for them, so you’re optimising the lead journey, again increasing your chances of them turning into business.

4. Always a good time

You still might be weighing up whether or not to turn to marketing automation. The decision to invest in it is a decision to invest in your company. There is really no bad time to turn to automation.

However your current marketing is performing, setting up automation gives you an opportunity to really assess your existing work. It pushes you to examine how your marketing can be improved, how communication between sales and marketing can be improved, and how leads and customers are really viewing your company.

Worth every penny

Investing in marketing automation allows your company to maximise the returns on your efforts. Because of this, it is worth every penny you put into it. If your marketing has room for improvement – and every company’s does – automation can help you maximise these improvements.

At SuccessFlow, we can help you find out how marketing automation can give you a better return on your marketing investment. You can download our marketing automation guide for free here.

Marketing automation offers a way to improve the flow through your marketing funnel, ensuring that every lead is given the right communications at the right time. Because of this, it is not just an investment in your marketing, but an investment in your company as a whole

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