Don’t you wish that you could transform your leads into revenue faster?

According to the Vice President of Solution Sales at Cisco Stu Schmidt, a 10% improvement in lead quality can result in a 40% increase in sales productivity (November 3rd, 2007, Kelly Abner) So, what are you waiting for? Produce high quality leads under just one strategy – Lead prioritisation.

Lead prioritisation is a process that supplies your sales team with the high-quality leads they deserve. By providing leads direct to sales, they’ll spend less time dwelling and more time selling. Additionally, having a lead prioritisation scoring system in place will refine the customer’s experience of your brand allowing your sales team to be more assured in the leads they receive.

Although many businesses have active lead scoring systems, they still face the following challenges

  • Time is wasted qualifying low-quality leads
  • Poorly qualified leads are being passed to sales
  • Sales are losing confidence in their leads
  • Hot leads are being contacted by your competitors first
  • Leads are not ready and are opting out

By watching Flood Your Pipeline with Sales-Ready Leads, you’ll

  • become more confident in your leads
  • create a more successful sales team and
  • qualify better leads

Lead prioritisation can be confusing at times so if we’ve whetted your appetite, watch our open, honest, jargon-free webinar now!

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