Here’s a statistic that I found quite shocking when I read it: according to CIO UK, just 48 percent of companies have some kind of ad-hoc strategy for digital. That means that more than half don’t. But in an age when digital marketing is gaining more importance than traditional, offline marketing, and when digital strategies can have a significant impact on customer experience and brand perceptions, this seems incredible.

Why you need a digital strategy

“The impact of digital business will be undeniable: it will introduce new business models, cause industries to be ‘digitally re-mastered’ and change the way that businesses put great minds to work.” Gartner, 2016

In other words, the digital revolution is the biggest thing to hit companies since the industrial revolution 200 years ago. Over the next five years, digital marketing will account for nearly 75 percent of CMO spending and more and more sectors are coming to be dominated by the companies that are most forward thinking when it comes to digital marketing—for example, take Netflix, airbnb and Uber. Companies that don’t engage will simply get left behind.

Why you need a digital strategy in 2016 and beyond

…is the title of a new guide from SuccessFlow. We’ve learned from our clients that substantial numbers of marketers feel daunted by the prospect of digital marketing. There are so many channels, platforms and acronyms to contend with, and the prospect of consistently producing high quality content seems like a treadmill.

For this reason, we’ve created a guide that will take the mystery out of digital marketing and show you how to implement a great digital strategy in easy steps. The guide covers:

  • The challenges of digital marketing and the consequences of ignoring it
  • How to analyse your current digital situation to set a baseline
  • The necessity of setting achievable objectives to act as a roadmap for your strategy
  • How to plan a manageable digital strategy, broken down into stages, with KPIs, goals and tactics
  • The best way of determining how to deliver your digital strategy—allocating roles and responsibilities
  • Measuring performance and calculating the ROI of your digital marketing activity

No one can afford to underestimate the importance of putting a robust digital marketing strategy in place. The right strategy can integrate you online and offline marketing, bring coherence to your message, bring you closer to achieving your business objectives and deliver a better customer experience.

For a detailed insight into why you need a digital strategy and how to implement one, download the guide now.

Why you need a digital strategy in 2016 and beyond

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