Digital marketing is here to stay. That much is a given. So why, then, do so many seasoned marketers find it a challenge or something they’d love to be able to put in a drawer and forget about? We know from our clients that a lot of you find digital marketing a daunting task, but the cost of not engaging with it is so high that no company can afford to risk being without a good strategy.

The digital marketing headache

“Demand is growing for insight into digital business, particularly among CEOs and CIOs who fear that their companies may be falling behind new business models and competitive opportunities. Their concern is justified.” Gartner, 2016

To illustrate why so many marketers fall shy of digital marketing, it’s worth considering this list of B2B digital marketing headaches, compiled by IMB CMO earlier this year:

  • data explosion
  • social media
  • the growth of the number of channels and device choices
  • shifting customer demographics
  • determining what content is needed for each channel at each stage of the customer journey
  • encouraging your target audience to take action

In fact, these are all issues that a robust digital marketing strategy can be tailored to address. Online marketing can seem overwhelming at first, but once there’s a framework in place and each member of the team knows what they need to be doing, it will suddenly seem very achievable.

The perils of failing to implement a strategy

There is a particular danger in not putting 100 percent into your digital marketing: you’ll end up falling behind your competitors and losing market share. Today’s customers are online and that’s where they expect to find you. A failure to implement a digital marketing strategy could result in any of the following:

  • a lack of direction in your marketing campaigns
  • a lack of clear insight into your customers’ needs and desires
  • little or no integration between online and offline marketing
  • a lack of internal processes
  • the loss of competitive advantage
  • a failure to align sales and marketing
  • poor customer experiences
  • inconsistent branding
  • a wasted marketing budget

Each of these is a substantial problem in its own right, but a combination of them could be enough to bring an ailing business down.

A new guide from SuccessFlow

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by digital marketing and don’t know how to put a strategy together, we’ve created a new guide that we think will help you. It covers the key questions that we ask are clients when we’re putting together a strategy for them:

  • where are you today?
  • where do you want to get to?
  • how are you going to get there?
  • who’s doing what, when?
  • how do you measure the results?

In the guide, we look at how to answer these questions in detail, and how the answers can be used to create the basis of your digital strategy, step by step. It’s really not as hard as you think.

Why you need a digital strategy in 2016 and beyond

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