Are you ready to get started on a better path with Pardot? As one of few Pardot consultancy partners in the UK, we work with companies every day who are trying to use marketing automation to its full potential. By using Pardot, you can start to move prospects through the customer journey taking them from lead to a client and, finally, to advocate.

The benefits of creating a customer journey are that it

  • helps you see where customers interact with your business
  • focuses on particular customer needs at different stages in the sales funnel
  • shows the gaps between the desired customer experience and the one received
  • uses the full potential of Pardot to automate content at every stage through the customer journey
  • improves the overall customer experience

There are five stages to the customer journey that you should consider include:

  • Research- When customers are getting to know your brand, products and services.
  • Consideration- This is the stage where they are evaluating and comparing your brand, goods and services to other suppliers.
  • Acquisition- Once assessed and short-listed, a much more personal form of contact should be made.
  • Conversation- Here they should be compelled to act on purchase or subscription.
  • Retention- First-time customers will become advocates and loyalists through nurturing post sale.

Once you have mapped out your customer journeys into key segments, Pardot can play an instrumental role in creating dynamic marketing lists based on the criteria for each stage of the journey.

To help automate content to your audience through the customer journey, download our Pardot Guide written by our specialists who have many years of experience delivering marketing automation solutions in Pardot.

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