Generating leads from your website is critical to keep a steady flow of qualified leads. To do this, you need to create and automate relevant content to those web leads.

Salesforce Pardot can help support this with the difference types of content including content for

  • Driving traffic and lead generation
  • Nurturing your leads to sales
  • Supporting the sales process
  • Customer engagement

Creating content in Pardot can not only build trust in your brand but can help you drive more leads into the top of the funnel. It can also provide sales with leads that are ready to buy and improve retention. Here’s some tips that will help support you in building your content marketing strategy.

Audit assets to fill the gaps– Perform a qualitative analysis of all existing material and assess what should be repurposed by reporting on the success it has delivered. 

Identify themes and assets– From a single theme you can create a series of assets which work together across multiple channels and campaigns.

Map your content– This will enable you to visualise each phase of the customer journey and the activities that prospects can engage with at that stage.

Use an editorial calendar– Timing is everything so try using an editorial calendar; it’s a great way to get organised.

Understand what the asset is for– Is it designed to drive traffic, convert leads or support the sales process?

Use an artwork management system– Streamline the review and approval process for any asset from the first brief through to campaign execution.

 Personalise your assets– Using Dynamic content within Pardot, you can present different content to segments of your audience on your website, landing pages and emails.

Use Pardot to help with your asset creation and give your customers a better experience, download our Pardot Guide written by our marketing automation specialists.

Making the most of your Salesforce Pardot investment: 6 considerations to drive ROI

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