sales and marketing alignment

Are your prospects receiving a customer journey designed to convert?

Sales and marketing alignment is key to a smooth customer journey. Poor alignment can result in a disjointed experience for your clients.

Ultimately, marketing and sales must work towards the same goal, which is to convert leads into customers. To achieve this alignment, you must consider your prospects’ digital footprint, marketing automation, the customer journey and lead prioritisation. If you action these, you can expect to see a better customer experience for prospects and further insights into what is working and what isn’t.

In our upcoming webinar, Marketing Tactics to Convert More Leads in Salesforce, we cover areas such as

Lead prioritisation

Are you scoring and grading leads or products correctly in Salesforce? Lead prioritisation allows you to provide sales with the hottest leads showing interest in your services online but also leads that are more qualified.

Nurturing leads through the customer journey

Your customer journey needs to match your business proposition, and each prospect should have a nurture path specific to their interests. Allowing you to target the top, middle and bottom of the funnel, depending on the stage your prospect is at. Each stage of the customer journey requires a different message, so a content strategy is paramount.

The content matrix

Marketing content must be created with a persona in mind. For example, webinars and guides are essential for the top of the funnel engagement, whereas, case studies and data sheets are targeted at the middle and bottom of the funnel,  which can be an excellent conversion, and so should be scored higher.

Explore these areas in more detail in our webinar, Marketing Tactics Required to Convert More Leads in Salesforce.



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