There are many things to think about when implementing marketing automation, but a solid strategy should be top of the list.

We’ve put together a list of things to consider when defining a for marketing automation in Salesforce.

  • Personas– 71% of companies who exceed revenue and lead goals have documented personas. For personas to become useful tools, the message and timing need to be right for the appropriate persona which means the conversations need to focus on achievements. Some things to think about include demographics, the buyer journey, pain points, goals and value.
  • Customer journey– There are key stages of the customer journey that you need to think about when aligning with marketing automation. These are research, consideration, acquisition, conversion and retention. Consider where your prospect is in the journey so you can tailor communication accordingly.
  • Salesforce Integration– Think about how marketing automation can assist in driving the end goal- a conversion. How can marketing give insights to sales through marketing automation when a customer looks sales-ready?

If a strategy is something you’re looking to develop for your platform investment and if you’re a Salesforce user, download our guide for more information.

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