In marketing, content is king. But what relevance is compelling content if people aren’t converting from it?

Marketing automation works if you have designed drip programmes and a customer journey for your prospects, but a lack of this can cause challenges.

Marketing automation is an investment that requires hard work. 

Even if you see some results from your investment, the digital landscape is ever evolving, and you’re bound to face challenges.

Here are some of our clients’ common problems.

  • A poor database – we don’t clean our database, and so our profiled data isn’t accurate.
  • Lack of marketing and sales alignment – leads aren’t passed through, and our customers receive a disjointed journey.
  • No strategy – we don’t or didn’t know where to start with marketing automation and aren’t necessarily measuring correctly.

If these problems resonate with you too, you might need an overhaul on your marketing automation platform. Marketing automation is designed to make content marketing easier with streamlined processes to maximise your message.

We recommend mastering the fundamentals (investment, strategy, leads and reporting) first, to achieve success.

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