Pardot Training Courses

We’re counting down to our very first Salesforce Pardot Training Courses.

We take a strategic approach to our courses, educating delegates on platform strategy, not just tactics and functionality.

Each two-day Pardot training course allows for 12 delegates and covers lead generation, lead conversion and lead management in Pardot, with the focus on how companies can generate and convert leads at every stage of the funnel.

Day 1 of our Pardot Training Courses

On the first day, delegates can expect to learn how to develop a strategy and approach to automation where we will set objectives with the platform and prioritise them to enable us to design a roadmap for success. Concluding with a thorough explanation of the reach and interaction capabilities in Pardot such as social media, email marketing, landing pages and forms.

Day 2 of our Pardot Training Courses

Delegates will learn the art of lead conversion. The second half of the course focuses on technology such as lead statuses and sources in Salesforce and Pardot. We also evaluate lead segmentation, reporting and scoring and grading.

Here’s a snapshot at just some of the takeaways from the course:

¥    Understand the tactics required to reach and interact with your audience

¥    Discover how to use Pardot forms and landing pages

¥    Learn the best practices for managing your data

¥    Master the art of customer engagement

¥    Establish marketing and sales alignment

¥    Realise the value of lead prioritisation

¥    Establish how to convert leads into opportunities

Our Pardot training course, on February 27th, has already generated an enormous amount of interest, and seats are running out so you need to move quickly if this is in your interest.

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