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Is it time for a refresh of your content marketing strategy?

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61% of customers buying decisions are influenced by customised content, but many companies still hold off from moving towards a customer centric approach, because they are so focused on money making and sales targets. There is a certain element of this in most businesses, however, the reality is that with so many options and competition in our digital age, businesses are getting smarter and so have certain expectations before they make a purchase with your company including the content they receive from your company.

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Does your B2B brand have an instantly recognisable voice?

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Apple does. And Innocent does. But what about you? Among the thousands of products out there vying for the attention of your target market, is your message distinct enough to differentiate you from your competitors? And do you need a unique tone and voice in the B2B market? The answer to that is a resounding ‘yes’. Having a recognisable brand tone helps you tell a consistent story across a variety of media—and this is important. Marketing isn’t just about selling your product or service. It’s about your customer’s story and where your company fits into it.

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Webinar – B2B Content Marketing: Is your content connected to your customer?

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Good content starts with knowing your clients. If you expect to create content that will draw them down your sales funnel, convert them from leads to customers and then retain their loyalty, you need to be speaking to them about their concerns, in their language. When we discuss content marketing with our clients, we stress three important things—know your customers, know their needs and know your content. And by far the most important is knowing your customers.

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Check out your new one-stop resource for digital marketing know-how

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Do the words ‘digital marketing’ strike fear into your heart? They do for some marketers—but digital marketing is here to stay and there’s no avoiding it if you want your business to succeed. Luckily, we can help you get over this fear. It’s simple really. We’ve divided digital marketing into four distinct elements that you can tackle one at a time to create a rock solid digital marketing strategy for your business.

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Content marketing – fashion over function

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You wake up in the morning, go through your daily ablutions, and choose your outfit for the day – or maybe you’re organised and have it already laid out from the night before. But either way, you will have chosen that particular outfit on informed facts about your day ahead; you’re meeting a new client at 9:00 so you need to make an impression, or maybe just catching up with an old friend over coffee. As you open your front door it feels chilly, so you grab your scarf and hat, and the brolly too, just in case. Read More

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