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SuccessFlow becomes certified Seventh Sense partner

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SuccessFlow Digital has become the first European Digital Agency to become a fully certified Marketo partner to Seventh Sense, a leading provider of email analytics and send time optimisation. 

We are now fully certified to support businesses using Marketo automation software to send marketing and sales emails with precision, thanks to our new partner Seventh Sense. Whether you’re sending to 1 or 1 million contacts, a Seventh Sense integration will deliver every email at the optimal time and frequency for each person, and that’s just the start of what this amazing technology can do.

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Increasing Social Engagement with Employee Advocacy

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It is not a new concept but employee advocacy is making waves for marketers across the world. Ever since GDPR came into force at the end of May, companies have been looking for new ways to generate leads and the focus has been moved to social marketing. Companies are now involving their employees to increase their social engagement with the added advantage of keeping their employees engaged in the company and its values.

Here’s a short overview of the practice of employee advocacy and what it can do for your business.

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GDPR: Embrace the change

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Those four letters that, well, frankly everyone has heard enough of, but those nodding off at the back of the class bear with me here. As I’ve just eluded to, there has been plenty of ‘What is GDPR?’ and ‘Stop! Panic! GDPR is bad’, not to mention the Game of Thrones analogy of ‘GDPR is coming’. They key here though is that not a single one of those thinks about what this means and how we can see GDPR as a positive.

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