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Check out your new one-stop resource for digital marketing know-how

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Do the words ‘digital marketing’ strike fear into your heart? They do for some marketers—but digital marketing is here to stay and there’s no avoiding it if you want your business to succeed. Luckily, we can help you get over this fear. It’s simple really. We’ve divided digital marketing into four distinct elements that you can tackle one at a time to create a rock solid digital marketing strategy for your business.

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A skeptic’s guide to social selling

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Social selling is a sales revolution. If you thought being warm and fuzzy on social media was the preserve of the marketing bods, think again. The way people buy and consume, even B2B, has changed and that means the way we sell things has to change too. No one likes how a cold call makes them feel—building a relationship over time on social media is a far more effective way to convert someone into a long-term loyal customer. So how do you go about it?

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Converting likes into leads – the power of B2B social marketing

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The popularity of B2B social marketing is spreading like wildfire within the world of B2B marketing, and for good reason, as this previously underused platform is now reaping the rewards of high lead generation rates and improved brand awareness.

Social marketing should be a component of any B2B marketing campaign. But what is the best way to harness the power of B2B social marketing to provide measureable results? Let’s go through the basics now. Read More

Twitter: It’s Bird-Eat-Bird Out There

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With over 284 million monthly active users and 500 million tweets sent per day, Twitter has become one rather large, loud nest. The question is, where do you fit in? You will have heard birds of a feather will flock together – but is this really the case now? Twitter has become one hell of a bird-eat-bird platform and it’s now the time to improve your Twitter activity; either you could rule the roost – or maybe it’s time you flew the nest. Read More

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