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How positive is your brand’s social CSR?

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Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR is one of those buzz terms people like to throw around, but not really understand how it can be implemented strategically. According to Investopedia, ‘CSR’ is incurring short-term costs in order to promote positive social and environmental change. Now is the time to wake up to CSR and particularly the impact that social media has on the communication of such activities. Read More

10 tips for a successful webinar – part 1

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If you’re reading this, you probably already have a great idea for webinar, congratulations! The hardest part is over.  You’re now probably filled with an overwhelming dread that your webinar will fail in every way possible.  Whether it’s taken you a few failed webinars to get here, or if this is your first time and you’re in pre-first-webinar panic mode, do not fear. We have 10 top tips to ensure your webinar will be a success. Read More

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