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workshop to define a sales-ready lead

Defining a ‘sales-ready lead’ in Salesforce using this planning framework

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As a marketer, you might be responsible for sending marketing emails, monitoring your prospects’ activity or passing leads through to sales. But how do you know when a lead is sales-ready? Every organisation has their own definition of a sales-ready lead. Keeping this definition universal between marketing and sales departments is, however, a challenge.

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Pardot training

Pardot Training Courses- A strategic approach to generating, managing and converting leads

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Looking for Salesforce Pardot training? Join our Pardot and Salesforce certified professionals for training courses designed to help marketing automation users to get the most from their technology investment. Our courses are unique. We don’t just teach Pardot technology and tactics; we cover the wider digital strategy and best practices too.

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Check out your new one-stop resource for digital marketing know-how

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Do the words ‘digital marketing’ strike fear into your heart? They do for some marketers—but digital marketing is here to stay and there’s no avoiding it if you want your business to succeed. Luckily, we can help you get over this fear. It’s simple really. We’ve divided digital marketing into four distinct elements that you can tackle one at a time to create a rock solid digital marketing strategy for your business.

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Pardot Consultancy- Select Partner Status

SuccessFlow secures Pardot consultancy Select status!

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Are you looking for a Pardot or Salesforce partner?

We don’t just understand technology; we understand marketing. As a Pardot consultancy partner, we can lead you through, not only Pardot as a platform, but integrating this platform into your wider digital strategy and CRM. Including mapping assets across your customer journey, persona production or segmentation in automation platform and much more!

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