Digital transformation and modern marketing are the cornerstones to delivering a revenue-focused digital strategy. Aligning your sales and marketing departments alongside an integrated technology stack will help you gain insights and report on what is working so you can identify and change what is not. Whether you are defining your 12-month digital strategy or planning your next digital marketing campaign, we can help you: Plan – Deliver – Optimise

A structured approach.

To structure our strategy and campaign-planning documents, we use the SOSTAC® framework by PR Smith.

• Situation analysis looks at where you are now.
• Objectives outline where you want to be.
• Strategy defines how you are going to get there.
• Tactics inform you of what you need to do to get there.
• Action captures who needs to do what and when.
• Control lets you monitor and evaluate success.

Defining your objectives and creating a roadmap.

Your marketing and business goals are at the heart of any strategy. We start by working with you to identify your goals, developing them into SMART objectives, prioritised by MoSCoW and Impact vs Effort methodologies. Understanding how your SMART objectives will be measured defines your key performance indicators (KPIs) and identifies what supporting data is required. Our consultants then plan and develop 90-day cycles across the next 12 to 18 months to create your digital roadmap.

Lead management and sales alignment.

As leads come into the funnel we will allocate them to the right segment ready to nurture through to sales. With defined personas and middle-of-the-funnel content the lead will receive a personalised and consistent experience to move them through the funnel. By overlaying a lead life cycle and scoring model we can automate the process to move them through the customer journey and into the hands of sales.

Reach and lead generation.

How do you reach your target audience and convert them to customers? Following the Smart Insights RACE Planning framework (Reach, interAct, Convert, Engage), we use a combination of digital tactics and automation to help generate leads across the customer journey. From the creation of promotional assets through to the development of lead nurturing to educate and inform, we provide your sales team with real-time insights on your newly found leads.

Customer engagement.

Defining your digital tactics and automation workflows helps you communicate with your existing customers in a way that will quickly take a new customer to an established customer, and ultimately on to being an advocate. Automation can be used to create workflows for on-boarding, up-selling and cross-selling, and even for introducing your loyalty programme. Real-time insights provide your Account Managers with notifications on what content, products and services are being viewed by your customers to help inform the next call or sales meeting.

Customer journey mapping and personas.

Understanding your target audience is the first step of any marketing plan. Do you know who you want to talk to? Have you prioritised them and mapped their customer journey (from research, consideration, acquisition, conversion, through to retention)? Creating buyer personas will help everyone understand who you are talking to, the different touchpoints (the resources used to find information) and uncover any blockers, so you can streamline your process across the funnel.

Content planning and always-on content flow.

Using a content marketing approach, we use premium and freemium (gated and ungated) content assets to collect key information, converting a prospect from an unknown lead to a known lead. Feeding the top of the sales funnel via a mixture of channels, social and email, helps to promote the content. Dropping the known prospect into an appropriate automation flow, we educate, inform and nurture the prospect along the customer journey. The content is ‘always-on’; always available at the right time for your prospects and customers.

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