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we place digital transformation at the heart of marketing.

When it comes to marketing and sales, you must always put the customer first. By looking at how you interact with your customers at every stage of their journey, you can provide highly personalised and targeted communication, based on a single point of truth. Looking at the wider picture of the customer and their needs will allow you to see what is needed to begin your transformation. As such, it’s no overnight task; it takes time and buy-in from all the stakeholders involved. Not to mention determination from those wanting to bring it about.

By delivering accountable, measurable activity, we present a methodology that doesn’t require a leap of faith to believe in. We help cultivate a path to high performance by developing and implementing marketing strategies that transform the way companies interact with and engage their customers. Based on 90-day cycles, we measure, learn and evolve to continually improve results.

Automated marketing sounds cold, but when done with the right approach, the reality is a personalised customer experience at every stage of their journey from prospect to advocate, creating surprising, delightful and interruptive experiences. As a result, today’s savvy companies are allocating resources toward marketing that can be measured and managed in real time.

a roadmap that gets you where you want to be.

The first step on this journey is to fully understand where you are today. That way, we can help get you where you want to be tomorrow. We do this by engaging with key stakeholders to establish, capture and prioritise both long- and short-term objectives for marketing and sales.

With all stakeholders agreed on common goals and SMART objectives, considering your data, content, technology and resource needs, we will build out an action-orientated and achievable roadmap for your digital transformation. As part of this journey we will identify any quick wins and critical success factors to bring about rapid results.

a customer journey which identifies key personas.

Next, we’ll map out the end-to-end customer experience across all brand touch-points. This incorporates everything from the awareness and research stage to purchasing and after-sales support, then on to renewal, repurchase and brand advocacy.

Through a blend of quantitative and qualitative research – plus onsite collaboration – SuccessFlow will help you identify and prioritise your personas. We’ll then map their interactions with your brand to create a definitive customer journey. One that encompasses all their needs, blockers and touch-points.

This allows us to create a content and marketing automation strategy which can deliver a truly exceptional customer experience as well as improved results for marketing and sales.

Buyer personas are a fundamental part of understanding your audience and your buyers. Yet, despite this, only 44% of B2B marketers are using them, perhaps due to the fact they take time and effort to build. Thanks to a proven and rapid process for buyer persona development, however, we can soon have this mission-critical performance tool up and running for your business.

a clearly defined content plan.

When a company produces more content, without a clear strategy, often, the quality can diminish.

With clearly defined objectives, a well-mapped customer journey and crystal-clear personas, we can develop a content strategy built around your audience’s specific needs and behaviours.

Only by identifying content themes and messages which attract and engage prospects, can we convert them to sale and on to being brand advocates. It’s something we’ve done time and again for clients, so we know what it takes to get the most out of your budget without diminishing the customer experience.

Using techniques such as always-on content, we can deliver cross-platform storytelling to keep your message front of mind. Storytelling creates the initial engagement, but by repurposing content, we can squeeze maximum value from your budget, and continue the conversation beyond that first piece.

always-on content marketing.

To take full advantage of digital channels, it’s essential to have an always-on content marketing approach. Yet many companies are still in a campaign mindset, with a stop-start approach to marketing.

An integrated content marketing strategy forms the foundation of all SuccessFlow’s recommended key digital marketing activities. It also optimises Smart Insights’ RACE Planning marketing framework.

With all this in place, SuccessFlow will build an effective always-on digital strategy that triggers successful decision-making at every stage. Throughout the process, we will review and plan all available tactics across RACE Planning to improve Reach, interAct, Conversion and customer Engagement. This way, we continuously work to align marketing and sales, so only customers ready for purchase are contacted by your sales team.

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