Sales and marketing should be seen as two sides of the same coin. Marketing strategies generate and nurture leads, which are then qualified and handed over to the sales team at the right time. What happens after that is crucial, which is why your sales team needs the tools and insights to enable them to successfully engage with a prospect or customer. This is what we mean by ‘sales enablement’.

An integral component of sales enablement is choosing the right technology. SuccessFlow continue to research the sales enablement technology stack to find sales solutions which fully integrate and deliver best in class, with the ultimate aim of improving productivity and conversion.

Showpad for sales.

Whether you want to increase sales productivity, centralise and control your content, turn content into conversations, or identify unknown decision-makers, Showpad is your go-to sales enablement platform. With the support of our consultants, this platform will give your sales team a competitive edge by creating personalised sales experiences for your prospects, which your inside and field business development managers can track to fully understand customer engagement.

Social selling.

We understand the complexity of today’s sales process; it can be difficult cultivating the right approach when your prospect is too busy to take your call, or unresponsive to your sales emails. It’s about finding a different approach to engage the buyer. This can be successfully achieved by using social channels to connect, share useful content and engage in discussion. Our social marketing consultants can help your sales team reach targets by defining a social selling approach which is both repeatable and proven to gain results quickly.

Sales insights.

A key component to sales success is knowing the right moment to reach out. You can’t leave this to chance; today’s buyers have increasing demands and will only interact with your sales team when they decide the time is right. Our team of specialists will integrate real-time insights in your CRM, showcasing the hottest leads based on behavioural interactions and firmographic data, making that first sales touch a great experience for your prospects and your sales team.

CRM optimisation for sales.

Whether you are on Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics, we have certified consultants to get the most out of your CRM investment. From integrating your chosen marketing platform, automating the lead assignment process, setting alerts against marketing-to-sales SLAs, to developing a suite of dashboards to visualise performance across the funnel, we have the team to help.

Train your sales team.

Sales are a fundamental part of the lead and client management process so not having your sales team on board and up to date with the programmes and technology you have in place will almost certainly lead to poor adoption and lack of results. SuccessFlow offer sales enablement training to onboard your sales team meaning they produce the maximum results they can.

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