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The secret to quality customer acquisition and customer engagement

By | Digital Marketing, Strategy | No Comments

Throwing money at lead generation at the top of the funnel without a plan to keep prospects engaged means that you will constantly be in a cycle of needing to acquire new business. Many businesses spend money on advertising and marketing budget such as SEO, PPC, website and social but they have no plan as to what happens from here. If that’s you, carry on reading.

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Scale up your marketing and business with Marketo

By | Digital Marketing, Strategy | No Comments

If you’re in the business bracket that’s classed as “growing”, as most businesses are, you’re going to need marketing and sales platforms that scale and grow with you. As marketing consultants, we see migrations happen from ESP’s to marketing automation platforms, all the time. Businesses of course move for many reasons, but a real common thread is that businesses grow beyond the capabilities of the platform they’ve invested in.

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Buying decisions in B2B make needing a digital strategy more important than ever

By | Digital Marketing, Strategy | No Comments

If you’re involved with marketing today, you may have mixed feelings with your day to day role. The power of digital has opened doors to new channels and new ways of providing data, analytics and ROI metrics that have some marketers jumping for joy. However, the sheer number of channels, platforms and acronyms can be quite intimidating for many of us, no matter how advanced you consider yourself.

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A CMO’s struggle to succeed in digital marketing

By | Digital Marketing, Strategy | No Comments

Today, there are more channels to market to than at any other time in history. This causes huge struggle for many CMOs, whose biggest challenge is mastering the complexities of content marketing whilst creating enough content to feed the customer journey. This level of complexity means it is hard to achieve best practice or even good practice with content marketing.

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Is it time for a refresh of your content marketing strategy?

By | Content Marketing, Creative, Digital Marketing | No Comments

61% of customers buying decisions are influenced by customised content, but many companies still hold off from moving towards a customer centric approach, because they are so focused on money making and sales targets. There is a certain element of this in most businesses, however, the reality is that with so many options and competition in our digital age, businesses are getting smarter and so have certain expectations before they make a purchase with your company including the content they receive from your company.

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