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GDPR: Embrace the change

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Those four letters that, well, frankly everyone has heard enough of, but those nodding off at the back of the class bear with me here. As I’ve just eluded to, there has been plenty of ‘What is GDPR?’ and ‘Stop! Panic! GDPR is bad’, not to mention the Game of Thrones analogy of ‘GDPR is coming’. They key here though is that not a single one of those thinks about what this means and how we can see GDPR as a positive.

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Digital is here to stay—and now’s the time to embrace it.

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A digital roadmap is like having GPS for your digital strategy – only without the annoying voice. It is both a strategic document and a canvas that can help companies visualise the future. The digital roadmap provides an overview of a company’s vision, objectives and strategy, and forms the ‘schedule of work’ that supports the creation of customer experiences. It also acts as a checkpoint for stakeholders, allowing them to check the status of your current proposed digital strategy.

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The secret to quality customer acquisition and customer engagement

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Throwing money at lead generation at the top of the funnel without a plan to keep prospects engaged means that you will constantly be in a cycle of needing to acquire new business. Many businesses spend money on advertising and marketing budget such as SEO, PPC, website and social but they have no plan as to what happens from here. If that’s you, carry on reading.

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Scale up your marketing and business with Marketo

By | Digital Marketing, Strategy | No Comments

If you’re in the business bracket that’s classed as “growing”, as most businesses are, you’re going to need marketing and sales platforms that scale and grow with you. As marketing consultants, we see migrations happen from ESP’s to marketing automation platforms, all the time. Businesses of course move for many reasons, but a real common thread is that businesses grow beyond the capabilities of the platform they’ve invested in.

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